What's Sexy Ancient Art Got To Do With Tik Tok?

Decoding Erotic Indian Paintings

07 Oct 21 12:00 pm TO 02:00 pm

Workshop with Vinit Vyas

Theme: Why Are We Scared of Pleasure?

Art historian Vinit Vyas takes us on a racy journey through Indian paintings of the past and understand parts of our erotic heritage. Forget the Kama Sutra, what a snore to be always talking about YAWN-Samabandh! Instead, Vinit shows us how to spot the hidden erotic happenings tucked away in paintings -- that moment when you're having sex on a carpet in a forest while hunting with your soldiers, and then suddenly a tiger appears out on nowhere and attacks you. (Happens all the time!) He will also demonstrate how Tik Toks echo some of these images. Join us for this workshop of pracheen paintings and a lot of flexibility. For more info/queries, email us at workshops@lsdindia.com or call us at 022-489-02669.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - English
ISL Availability - No

For ages - 18+

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