Just Send It! Wait, Wait! Now Send It! Wait, Wait!

How To Sext

09 Oct 21 12:00 pm TO 02:00 pm

Workshop with Debarati (Point of View, Mumbai) and Debasmita (Agents of Ishq)

Theme: Love, Sex, What Data?

When we seek pleasure online, often we are given many warnings and chetavnis about the danger to our safety and privacy. Do you want to stop worrying about digital security? Do you want to be safe while having fun? And do we also want to think about what sexiness with consent looks like - beyond yes and no to mmm and ohh? This amazing workshop will teach you how to sext while by putting the sensual in consensual. Warm up your fingers and put on your screen guard. For more info/queries, email us at workshops@lsdindia.com or call us at 022-489-02669.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - English
ISL Availability - No

For ages - 18+

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