Runaway Desires, Guavas and Crimes

What Happens When You Don't Include Pleasure In Interventions

09 Oct 21 12:00 pm TO 01:30 pm

Panel Discussion with Bishakha Datta (Point of View, Mumbai), Madhu Mehra (Partners for Law in Development), Santosh Desai
Moderator: Manjima Bhattacharjya

Theme: Why Are We Scared of Pleasure?

What happens to data when you don’t include the idea of pleasure in your research or interventions? You might study hundreds of FIRs of child marriage and learn they were actually cases of elopements. When you discount consent and pleasure you might find that the law has declared a digital crime an obscenity when it was in fact an act of violence. You might wonder why your carefully designed product is being rejected by the market. In this panel, experts from the non-profit and for-profit world will share the experiences that changed the way they think. (And the guavas? Tune in to find out. Also oranges are not the only fruit.)

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - Hindi, Tamil
ISL Availability - Yes

For ages - All

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