Rishte Hi Rishte

Defining Different Relationships and How To Have Them Well

07 Oct 21 08:00 pm TO 09:30 pm

After Hours Session 
AMA with Neha Bhat
Moderator: Manak Matiyani

When we first admit to ourselves that all relationships are not same-same and that they don’t fit into neat boxes, it feels like a lungful of fresh air. But then five minutes later, we realise we may not have the vocabulary for this new life after enlightenment. Is this polyamory, NSA, open relationship and what's the funda on being ethical but also being cool? Well, it's time for an Ask Me Anything with Neha Bhat, or Indian Sex Therapist (as she is known on Instagram). Come on over to discuss the full buffet of relationships, how to recognise them, how to name them and how to do emotional gymming for the new sexual/relational worlds we are stepping into.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - Hindi, Bengali
ISL Availability - Yes

For ages - 18+

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