Maze Ki Baat

Is Pleasure Political?

08 Oct 21 03:00 pm TO 05:00 pm

Workshop with Hansa

Theme: The Transformative Power of Pleasure

Is pleasure only about sexual pleasure and orgasms? Can we even think about sexual pleasure if we don’t welcome pleasure in all aspects of our lives? And what does pleasure make possible - politically speaking? Here is a tutorial to welcome pleasure into your life and tranform what you define as political. What is the texture of memory, the sound of heartbreak, the fragrance of romance? How do we learn to trust what feels good and sounds like fun and become more inclusive, more open to change? Learn it all in this gentle, jolly, life-changing workshop. (No previous experience in jolliness required). For more info/queries, email us at or call us at 022-489-02669.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - English
ISL Availability - No

For ages - 18+

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