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Who decides about young people’s pleasures? Is pleasure factored into the research we do on young people and their love/sex lives? How does this affect the policies, curricula and laws that we create for them? The Love, Sex and Data (LSD) conference was a 3-day digital conference that explored why pleasure is the missing ingredient that could make data truly useful - to our lives, our work and essssspecially to young people!

Brought to you by The YP Foundation and Agents of Ishq, LSD explored how we can take pleasure seriously (along with a dash of sugar, spice and everything fun, sexy and nice) in our practices as students, activists, educators, NGO workers, researchers, writers or whoever you are! And of course - in our own lives!

Pleasure - what brings us joy and satisfaction - usually isn’t foremost in our mind when we think of work, research and data, but we think it should be. Thinking about what gives us and others pleasure has a transformative power for our research and data. What would happen if we accepted pleasure as one of the important aspects of life and looked at the world through that frame? What new truths would it reveal? And what can happen when we approach research on adolescents and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) through this frame?

Some questions that we explored over 3 days were: why we are scared of pleasure (dil mein mere hai darr-e-disco), what is the transformative power of incorporating pleasure into our practices, what’s the information young people are missing in their love/sex life (woh data hain kahaaaaa?!), how do unheard communities make their own data and use it to advocate for themselves (atmanirbhar bharat aka you’re all alone), the histories of data and knowledge, and how to locate ourselves in it.

These are some of the questions at the heart of LSD which we have explored through the work of doctors, activists, writers, academics, artists, researchers, data scientists, grassroots communities, teachers, mental health practitioners, digital experts from across the world who have looked at people’s desires and pleasures in their work, have thought hard about the data we need, the data that gets ignored (and who gets ignored in the process) and how we can do research that’s genuinely relevant in people’s lives.

about AOI

Agents of Ishq is a multi-media project about sex, love and desire. We make cool videos, beautiful images, podcasts, informational material as well as compelling personal narratives of intimate life on everything from consent to masturbation to mental-sexual health. Our work aims to create a new Indian language for talking about desire and sex in a pleasure positive and intersectional way that draws on popular culture and the power of art to counter narratives of sexual violence and danger.

Website - www.agentsofishq.com

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about TYPF

The YP Foundation (TYPF) is a youth development organisation that facilitates young people’s feminist and rights-based leadership on issues of health equity, gender justice, sexuality rights, and social justice. TYPF ensures that young people have the information, capacity, and opportunities to inform and lead the development and implementation of programmes and policies that impact their lives and are recognised as skilled and aware leaders of social change.

Website - www.theypfoundation.org

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Meet the team


Conference Director

Manak is the Executive Director of The YP Foundation. Manak is a feminist, queer activist, who works to build youth leadership on issues of gender, sexuality, health and human rights.


Conference Director
Team AOI

Paromita is the Founder and Creative Director of Agents of Ishq. An award winning documentary filmmaker and writer, whose films include the landmark documentaries Unlimited Girls, Q2P and Khamosh Pani.

Nisha Susan

Head of Research

Nisha Susan is a journalist and the author of "The Women Who Forgot To Invent Facebook & Other Stories."


Design Diva
Team AOI

Debasmita Das is a Creative Associate at AOI. Studied to be an animator, became AOI ki designer. When not doing content & design work, can be found chasing cats and everything queer.


Design Diva
Team AOI

Anshumann is AOI’s Junior Graphic Designer. A queer particle hoping to become a crazy cat lady by 25, their work looks at the intersection of personal and political.


Sexy Secretariat
Team AOI

Shikha is an illustrator, designer and writer. She works as a Creative Assistant and Jr Graphic Designer at Agents of Ishq. She likes sour food, ghost stories and bird songs.


Sexy Secretariat
Team AOI

Niranjana is a Creative Assistant at AOI with an interest in telling, writing and reading stories. Can often be found singing to herself or rewatching Hindi and Tamil films.


Sexy Secretariat
Team AOI

Nandini Sharma is a Creative Assistant and Researcher at AOI. She likes to research on films, art and culture. She also likes to take photos and makes small films everywhere she goes.


Sexy Secretariat

Vineeta (she/they) leads communications at The YP Foundation. She is a queer feminist who loves digital media, cats, and Oxford commas.



Esthappen S. is a development sector professional and queer playwright who has worked at organizations including the Human Rights Law Network, Centre for Catalyzing Change, Dalit Human Rights Defenders Network.


Line Production & Event Management

Project Management Lead - Toral Shah
Project Coordinator - Srishti Ray
Website & Social Media Coordinator - Nidhi Joshi
Communications Coordinator - Tanvi Kotkar
Workshops Coordinator - Sameer Ayyagari
Technical Director - Rachit Khetan
Session Managers - Gurleen Judge, Sananda Mukhopadhyaya, Spriha Nakhare
Technical Managers - Arjun Aiyer, Allan Abraham, Shubham Bodake
Technical Assistant Manager - Samuel Fernandes

Tute Consult

Communication and Outreach Partners

Team members - Juhi Gopalani, Komal Lath, Sakshi Rawte, Shweta Mehrotra

Cactus Juice

Creative Marketing - Digital Solutions

Team Members - Elton D'mello, Shannon Fernandes, Nihar Nair