Dil-De-De-De-Dil-Do Dildo

How To Make Good-Looking Sex Toys

09 Oct 21 10:00 am TO 11:30 am

Pleasure Pocket by Tanisha R (Sangya Project)

Theme: The Transformative Power of Pleasure

Have you ever looked at a sex toy and felt frightened because it looked like something from a dentist’s clinic? Is it possible to make affordable and inclusive, steamy sex toys right here in India instead of waiting for your America ya Amsterdam wala cousin to smuggle them to you across continents? Then you must listen to this talk from the founder of a sex toy company. How did they begin to make sex toys that look not like factory machinery and more like jewellery? How did they create an aesthetic that is good for the eyes and good *elsewhere*? Hear it all.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - Hindi, Tamil
ISL Availability - Yes

For ages - All

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