Tann Ki Shakti, Mann Ki Shakti

The Psychosocial - The Intersections of Body and Society

08 Oct 21 12:30 pm TO 02:00 pm

Panel Discussion with Aditi Patil, Gracy Andrew, Saisha M (Mariwala Health Initiative)
Moderator: Dipta Bhog

Theme: The Body As Data

Is the mind really separate from the body? Can a therapist or their client, a researcher or her subject be seen separately from the society in which they are located? Why would the researcher’s gender matter in field-research? Why are community-based mental health services and trauma-intervention vital for improving access? What have mental health, sexual health and resilience got to do with each other? To talk about the extremely practical implications of seemingly abstract questions, here are three unusual vantage points you have got to listen to.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - Hindi, Marathi
ISL Availability - Yes

For ages - All

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