Data: Ek Atma Katha

Inside the Lives of ASHA workers

08 Oct 21 03:00 pm TO 05:00 pm

Workshop with Bhanupriya Rao (Behanbox)

Theme: Our Lives, Our Data, Our Interventions

The day of an ASHA worker is all about tracking the health and well-being of her community. Interviews. Forms. Uploading data. In this workshop that upends the idea of time-use, ASHA workers will document their own lives in new and poetic categories. How many cups of tea do they make in a day? How many buses do they change? How many rupees do they earn per day? How many minutes do they spend talking to their friends? How many minutes do they listen to music on their phones? A data visualiser working alongside will also create narratives to share at the LSD conference. Note: Registrations are closed for this workshop.

Session Language - English
Audio translation language - English
ISL Availability - No

For ages - 18+

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