Pleasure and data? Is there such a rishta? We said yes, oui, haan!

How does acknowledging that young people want pleasure change the questions we ask and the research we do on their love/sex lives? Can taking pleasure seriously, transform the programmes, policies, curriculums and laws we create? #LoveSexAndData asked - is Pleasure the secret ingredient that data needs in order to be useful and relevant to our life and create a more just society?

The Love, Sex and Data Conference: A 3-day digital conference that took place from 7-9th October, 2021 was organised by Agents of Ishq and The YP Foundation to deep dive into these questions through keynotes, panels, workshops, performances, afterhours interactions and more!

3 days, 36 events, 60 speakers - thank you to everyone who joined us in bringing in the pleasure lens to our work (and our life!) as students, activists, educators, NGO workers, researchers, writers or really, whoever you are!

A first-of-its-kind conference dedicated to sex and pleasure in India? We said - you need to come ya (in more ways than one if you like *wink wink*) and you did - all 1663 of you!


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Aparna Kapur

Most of Aparna’s friends are imaginary, and she is happiest when she’s making things up. When she isn’t writing or editing children's books, she can be found poring over a book or pouring herself a large cup of coffee.

Louisa Allen

Louisa Allen is a Professor, in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland. She has spent 24 years researching young people, sexualities and schooling to understand how schools offer messages to students about gender and sexual identities via the official and unofficial curriculum. A special interest for Louisa has been the way in which pleasure and desire have been missing from sexuality education and young people's requests for its inclusion. Her work has explored what this omission means for young people of diverse genders and sexualities and the way they understand themselves as sexual subjects. A prolific author, she has published 8 books in these areas and is currently finalising her latest one entitled ‘Breathing Life into Sexuality Education’ to be released by Palgrave next month.

Arzoo Garg

Arzoo is a Coordinator in the Know Your Body Know Your Rights program at The YP Foundation. Her work majorly involves building capacities of adolescents and young people by equipping them with rights based information on issues of sexual and reproductive health, gender and sexuality in school and community settings across Delhi- NCR, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as well as advocating for comprehensive sexuality education with gatekeepers of adolescents. She is also representing TYPF as youth focal point for FP2030 commitment process and is advocating to ensure accessibility of contraceptives to young people and adolescents. Prior to this, she has led research projects on health related impacts of menstrual hygiene management in Mumbai among adolescent girls in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Arzoo holds a masters degree in Environmental Studies and Resource Management from TERI School of Advanced Studies.

Indira Pancholi

Ms Indira Pancholi is a feminist-human rights activist and a founder of Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti (MJAS), a women-led organisation based in Rajasthan, India. Indira has closely worked with rural and urban women, children, adolescents, women elected to local self-governments for over 25 years. Her experience encompasses grass root action, training women leaders, documenting the experiences of women, knowledge management, and research in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. She has widely networked on social issues, and actively engaged with different stakeholders in various advocacy and policy implementation programmes. Her areas of specialisation include promoting gender justice and social development, enforcing an understanding of governance and citizenship, and addressing violence against women. In 2014, Indira conducted a study on ‘Assessing young, resource poor women’s livelihood aspirations and opportunities in Delhi’ for Azad Foundation, New Delhi, and designed training modules for women representatives in Panchayats in Rajasthan. Recently she led a research project titled ‘COVID19: Impact on Girls, making their voices heard’ conducted in 13 districts of Rajasthan. Indira is an advisory committee member of a national study on witch-hunting practices in India, and is presently an advisor to the Women and Child Rights Project in Rajasthan. In addition, Indira has published extensively on sexual and reproductive health and rights, women’s safety and leadership, and child marriage in the larger context of women’s rights. She holds a Master’s in Philosophy.

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