Pleasure and data? Is there such a rishta? We said yes, oui, haan!

How does acknowledging that young people want pleasure change the questions we ask and the research we do on their love/sex lives? Can taking pleasure seriously, transform the programmes, policies, curriculums and laws we create? #LoveSexAndData asked - is Pleasure the secret ingredient that data needs in order to be useful and relevant to our life and create a more just society?

The Love, Sex and Data Conference: A 3-day digital conference that took place from 7-9th October, 2021 was organised by Agents of Ishq and The YP Foundation to deep dive into these questions through keynotes, panels, workshops, performances, afterhours interactions and more!

3 days, 36 events, 60 speakers - thank you to everyone who joined us in bringing in the pleasure lens to our work (and our life!) as students, activists, educators, NGO workers, researchers, writers or really, whoever you are!

A first-of-its-kind conference dedicated to sex and pleasure in India? We said - you need to come ya (in more ways than one if you like *wink wink*) and you did - all 1663 of you!


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Sameera Iyengar

Sameera Iyengar is a creative producer and theatre person. She loves conjuring up delightful ways to share theatre and the performing arts with people – and has created, curated and run festivals, arts addas, school programmes, carnivals, workshops for children and theatre exhibitions. She co-edited 'Our Stage: The Pleasures and Perils of Theatre Practice in India Today' (Tulika 2009). She co-founded the India Theatre Forum, SMART (Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre), and the arts outreach organisation Junoon. Her tryst with theatre began at MIT as a Maths major; she has a PhD on theatre from the University of Chicago.

Bishakha Datta (Point of View, Mumbai)

Bishakha Datta (@busydot/@dizibot) works on gender and sexuality in digital spaces, runs the non-profit Point of View in Mumbai, writes and films non-fiction and is part of the Wikipedia family. In all her work, Bishakha gets the most pleasure from exploring marginal, invisible, and silenced points of view - or those considered illegitimate. Her documentary work includes 'In The Flesh', a film on the lives of three sex workers, and Taza Khabar, which explores a unique women-run rural newspaper. She’s edited two anthologies, one on on rural women in politics, the other on gender-based violence. Bishakha is also a co-founder of Deep Dives, an award-winning online publication which publishes long-form narratives.


Neysara is the founder of TransgenderIndia (TI). TransgenderIndia is an online platform that helps transgender and gender non conforming people in India to navigate the complex journey of gender transition and gender non conformity in India. How do I change my gender marker in my college id? Which doctor can help me transition? Whom do I talk to to know more? TI publishes How-to’s for these and other questions that pop up during gender transition/non conformity

Gracy Andrew

Gracy Andrew , a clinical psychologist by profession and presently Vice President and Country Director in India at CorStone. CorStone works in the area of Emotional resilience and wellbeing and has been implementing programs in government schools in Bihar and other states in India. Before joining CorStone in 2012, Gracy was with Sangath Society, a Goa-based NGO that has been a leader in the field of mental health since its inception in 1996. At Sangath she worked in various capacities including as program head of the adolescent program for several years and Executive Director for two years. She has been involved in developing various interventions and training programs for youth in the areas of mental health and adolescent health. Gracy was recently appointed as a member of the World Health Organization’s guidance development group for promotional programs on global adolescent mental health.

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